Set up as a Book Keeper?

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Hi All,

This is my first post. I have passed AAT Levels 2,3 and just recently 4, and wondered if anyone else had set themselves up as a book keeper without much prior work experience?

Just been told today that my employer will be cutting my working hours by nearly half shortly, so feel that perhaps I should try and set up a very small book keeping business from home. Trouble is, is that not through lack of trying, I just haven't been able to get any work experience as I have to work part time hours as I am also a carer and every job advertised wants experience and I don't have a great deal of confidence.. I have been looking for volunteer work also but unsuccessfully.

Would my qualifications be enough to help me cope?

Many thanks


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    If I were you I would try to get a little experience before you start up on your own, Ive just started on my own with 15 years experience and a part time practice job and I still struggle. Im not trying to put you off, but there is alot more to it than most people think. On the other hand though alot of it is stuff you dont find out until you try!

    Try sending your cv to every accountancy firm in your local area enquiring if they have any part time vacancies. Look on directgov website they often have bookkeepers wanted vacancies for a few hours a week. Have confidence in your own abilities and tell the interviewer that you may not have much experience but you do have a valuable and extensive qualification which alot of bookkeepers dont have!

    Its your call and you know your own experience but speaking from my personal experience I would get some more experience first.
  • underwood301
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    I really appreciate your advise. I have emailed all my local book keepers / accountants to offer voluntary work. I agree with you that I will need experience, so will have to persevere. Many thanks again.
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