AIA on Furnished holiday caravan

Evening everyone,

I have a client who has a furnished static holiday caravan which is permanantly sited on a licenced holiday park.
Can I claim AIA for the purchase price of the caravan. (minus of course any personal use)?
After having read the very confusing HMRC info sheet, I dont think it qualifies as plant in 2012 but it did so in 2011?

Does anyone else have any experience with caravan holiday lets? any advice / opinion muchly appreciated!!



  • jamesm96
    jamesm96 Registered Posts: 523
    Hi Deborah,

    The only thing that crossed my mind as I read your post was that the distinction between plant and premises is whether the asset performs a function within your business, or whether it provides a setting in which that business takes place. I'd be inclined to say the caravan is a setting rather than a functional asset, but that's just my guess.
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