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Can anyone recommend some software?

It's for an IT company that sells sofware licences that can last for a variable amount of time (even over a year).

Main problem being, most payments are made by credit/debit card using the company website.

Cuurently use an external HSBC website that is linked to company web page to take card payments.

Would ideally like this linked to an accounts package where name, address, product, payment etc is recorded separately.

Business is growing rapidly - really need to automate it all. I know I could just debit our current accounts package (Sage) with the income each time HSBC pays a batch into our current account BUT it would be a shame for data to be entered only onto HSBC website rather than our own in house accounts package for record keeping, marketing purposes, etc.

Sage pay won't work.

Cheers :)


  • ademoore
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    I had a similar issue for my software sales company, in that it was difficult to extract the detail into the accounts package.
    We use Worldpay as the third party payment merchant, I believe they do allow download into Quicken, however Quicken was a not a package I was interested in purchasing solely for this company.

    I get around it by downloading all the sales detail into Excel, and using Macros I can manipulate the data enough that I get it to present a journal ready for input into VT (the accounts package I *do* use).

    Of course, you are potentially limited by the type of reports that you can run from the third party system, so for me, it was just a case of looking through all the available reports and seeing which one gave me the most detail for history and reporting purposes. I have kept all of the history together with each tab showing a weeks worth of data, and its easy enough to collate the info to get an analysis over a period of time.

    An alternative to Excel is of couse Access where you could write your own reports on the data, however again, it would depend on what links you could get to the third party system to know whether that was a benefit to do that, or you would be downloading to Excel to then extract into Access.

    Good luck, would be interested to know if you do find an alternative method that is more effective.
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