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Hi All,

I haven't bought the Personal Taxation Bpp book and have my exam back end of june.

Does anyone know where i can download a copy of the book?

Thanks in advance,



  • guinea pig
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    When I got the BPP book for Financial Performance (via Amazon) there was a card included, with a code, to access the text online. On the BPP site, there was also a question bank, but I couldn't access it, you had to buy the question bank book to get access. I guess that for any online copies, you would need to buy the book first, or am I missing the point, did you mean a copy for reading on a kindle? Anyway, I should try the BPP site. I passed Personal Tax using the Osborne book, which was good, and of course, there is also lots of information on the HMRC website.
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    I agree with GP. I don't think you can obtain an electronic copy without buying the book or signing up to some online class where you will have access to this resource.

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