Costs and Revenues differently worded questions...

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Hi all,

I have my Costs and Revenues exam soon and i've noticed a few people mention that some questions are worded differently as opposed to the mock exams, could anyone shed some light on what those chapters are as it would ease the stress and tension a little bit!?

Thank you guys!


  • wbauk2002
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    Its all the questions really, just got to work it out

    Like I remember the timesheet had a different layout, in mocks was a full sheet for each day but in real exam you just had to work out total, total basic pay, total overtime, then total, then you were asked a few questions about that

    If you've got all your revision in you shouldn't have a problem, I like it better this way because your forced to apply knowledge rather than have learnt how to answer the question
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    Changes in wording always throw people in assessments BUT if you are properly prepared you should be fine. Don't restrict your learning to chapters - you will need it all next year for Budgeting and Financial Performance so make sure you understand it all.

    Make sure that you understand all assessable areas (use the E-Learning tools to help you check you readiness for assessments). You must be ready for any type of question because, in real world situations, you will come across problems that do not conform to one or two styles so the assessments now seem to reflect this. There has been some talk that questions are similar to the old NVQ style and it may be advisable to look at a couple of these during your revision phase just to give you a slightly different angle for each topic.

    Also, make sure that you Read The Full Question (RTFQ) because it is very easy to miss a significant point just because you think you know what the question is saying rather than making sure you do know what the question says. I am always telling my students to RTFQ (You know who you are!)
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    Read The Full Question (RTFQ)

    Oh, so that's what it stands for.....

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