Credit Managment And Control

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Hi All
I need some help about Credit Managment And Control written tasks.
How many tasks are there in the real exam ? beacause i could not find any practise material for this.
And what they gona be about.
I got exam soon, have no clue whats is gona be like.


  • welshwizard
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    I believe that the assessment (I assume you mean the Computer Based Project element or Part 2 as it is also called) contains quesitons that requrie you to calculate some ratios (e.g. net profit %, ROCE etc), a couple fo questions that ask you to write letters/emails to various parties abour things you've done in previous questions relating to approving/declining credit applciations. You also need to go through similar exercises to establish whether a certain scenario should be allowed (I will say no more on that). Finally, you must make sure that you leave plenty fo time because you also ahev to take a list of aged debtors and apply a credit policy.

    Basically, if you're happy calculating ratios, can obey instructions and your RTFQ (Read The Full Question) you will be fine!

    I am sure that there are some practice quesitons on the Elearning Section. ( and (

    Hope this helps to reduce stress levels! :cool2:
  • NicF
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    I seem to remember the exam being a lot like the practise material I had done. Can't remember what the AAT practise exams were like but the Kaplan revision kit had loads of questions that were the same format as the second paper so I had a pretty good idea of what kind of things to write in the exam. One of the questions you have to work out various ratios on the accounts of two companies requesting credit, credit score them and then write letters saying whether or not you would grant credit and why. Another question had a load of information about the outstanding debt of loads of customers and you had to go through each one in turn and suggest an action plan. I think there was another question as well but I can't remember what that was.

    Try not to stress too much, I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck.
  • mano
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    Okay: I got them now. Thanks for the Quick response Welshwizard and NicE. I was thinking there is not any practise one available on AAT `s Website.
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