HMRC Compliance Check

jow774 Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 465
Quick question, got a client with a compliance check query on previous year tax return, amounts to about £140 underpaid tax.

Is it better to deal with HMRC by phone or by post? Had one at worka while back and dealt with by phone but felt that we ended up giving far more info than then needed.


  • jamesm96
    jamesm96 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 523
    I'd say it depends.

    I find that, where the queries from HMRC aren't easily answerable (perhaps last year's records are a bit messy or sparse!) it's better to reply in writing because you have the opportunity to get all of the background on the query and set it out nice and neatly on the page; I find answering those ones over the phone can sometimes be too easy to sound like you're blagging or guessing.

    Equally, if the query is really easy to answer and there's a good reason for whatever the number is that they're questioning, then give the inspector a call and you can have the matter dealt with much more quickly.
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