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Becky V
Becky V Trusted RegularRegistered Posts: 374
Hi all i am sitting this exam later today and this will be my last exam!!!! I am feeling more confident now and have passed both practice papers, just those written tasks i know i struggle with!
Does anyone have any last minute advice? Thank you :)


  • jenny3549
    jenny3549 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 472
    Only to say, relax! You have done all the hard work already. All you can do now is to be as relaxed as possible for the exam - and think about how great you will feel when it's over!

    Good luck!!

  • Becky V
    Becky V Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 374
    Thank you you are right! Just going over my revision notes now. I will feel fab when its over i can my weekends back!!!
  • Becky V
    Becky V Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 374
    I sat the exam and all i can say is that was tough!!!!! Now for the wait!!
  • Chelle
    Chelle Well-Known Registered Posts: 163
    Good luck Becky, I'm sure you will have done well!
  • Ilyzbiz
    Ilyzbiz New Member Registered Posts: 11
    Good luck peeps! Ive just got FNPF left to do in mid June and not looking forward to it at all! We've had 5 class tuition days in total at college due to bad planning from the tutors! Ive got soo much to revise and practice and college is shut next week due to half term! aaah! i wont fail due to a lack of effort tho as im going to revise every night - I just dont want to feel like im going to be fighting a lost cause! (sorry for the rant)

  • SandyHood
    SandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    There appear to still be places on Saturday's revision session
    over 3 hours on the key areas on the FNPF exam
    08:45 - 12:45
    and again 13:45 - 17:00
    [email protected]
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