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hi, can anyone guide me how to start level 3 as i have just finshed my level 2 and was doing distance learning with kaplan.



  • Whirlwind
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    I think it depends on what you enjoyed (??) learning.

    I am a self-studier, so I did API & II, then FNST (level 4) employers call, then back to remaining level 3. Then I did them in order of most interest PEAF, IDX, CMG & CRS. I have squeezed in SPSW this week as the assessments can get booked up really early. I would definitely suggest taking Costs & Reveues (level 3) just before Budgeting and Financial Performance (level 4), as the formulas are used extensively.

    Have fun in choosing!!
  • MWAUGH1983
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    Are you going to continue with kaplan? As they will no doubt have a set plan?

  • NicF
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    MWAUGH1983 wrote: »
    Are you going to continue with kaplan? As they will no doubt have a set plan?


    Kaplan don't have a set plan for distance learning - you an do the modules in any order you like.

  • Sammmy88
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    I started with AP1 then AP2, then costs to begin with, as these feel like the fundamentals to me... then Tax, Ethics, Spreadsheets then Cash management.
    Its what you feel comfortable in, and what you want to get done and out of the way from the beginning
    :-) Happy Studying!
    Level 2 - Passed 2011
    Level 3 - Passed 2012
    Level 4 - Passed 2014

    Awaiting to start CIMA :)
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    Hi I've just completed level 2. Can anyone offer any advise as to level 3?
    I am contemplating doing it via the distance learning route, as I learnt more during level 2 at home than in college.
    How much time is required per week/topic and how difficult is it?

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