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azzy Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 23

Has anyone sat the exam, as mine is very soon. Feeling VERY nervous about this exam!!!!:ohmy:

Feedback would help in all areas, is it simillar to the practice CBTs online?

Many Thanks in advance


  • nicmaygreg
    nicmaygreg New Member Registered Posts: 11
    I sat this yesterday and found it very hard. I was quite confident when I went in because I passed the ones on the AAT website really easily but the layout of some of the questions were a bit different which threw me.
    The written tasks were pretty much the same as the practice ones so that wasn't too bad.
    There were questions on index numbers where usually you just need to divide by the base rate but this one wanted to know how much it would be per unit for each month.
    Good luck for your exam
  • azzy
    azzy Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 23
    would you suggest its a totaly different exam than the CBT online, or just in some areas.

    Did you jhave many questions on variances.

    Thanks azzy
  • nicmaygreg
    nicmaygreg New Member Registered Posts: 11
    It wasn't totally different, there were a lot of variance questions but these were in the same format as the online practice tests. The written questions were very similiar but then the layout of some of the other things were different which just throws you a bit.
    I am sure you will be ok!
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