Marking AP 11

bradp5 Registered Posts: 8 Regular contributor ⭐
Really disheartened. Failed AP 11 even though I got Exceeded, Met & Borderline

Feel like giving up as dont really know what I failed on

So unfair not happy about having to pay for resit


  • MarkT
    MarkT Registered Posts: 302
    Hi Brad

    Its a shame that you failed, but think of it differently, all this work IS worth it in the end. You should have received a breakdown as to what your marks were on each section of the course and this will give you a heads up on the areas that you need to tweak to enable you to pass.

    I'd certainly advise you going over the greenlight tests as they can help highlight where you need to brush up, and, on the level 3 page here, I did a write up a while back for some of the areas that people tend to have issues with.

    Chin up - its all worth it :001_smile:
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