PAYE Basic Tools- new tax code update?

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Bit of a nerdy question here- I am using HMRC's basic tools for a small ltd company's directors basic salary. Successfully used it to file 2011-12 return, but when I started on his P11 for 2012-12 I noticed that his tax code is still 747L and not the 810L. We haven't received a change of tax code - should we call and ask for one? I am surprised though that the software wouldn't have implemented the new code with the updates?
Does anyone use this software and can shed light?


  • jow774
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    I didnt think you were able to process a P11 for the current year, I thought you had to wait until the year end?
  • imeldabye
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    sorry didn't make myself clear, I meant when I go in and enter pay details for April 2012. Actually I think I get it now. It states that I can change a tax code if I want to follow P9(X) instructions.
    which is this
    Well, we haven't had those through but surely this is the right thing to do regardless?
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    I use other payroll software, but when I updated the program for 2012-13 it didn't automatically change the tax codes either, but I didn't expect it to. Those employees we had received new codes for were taken care of, but those on standard codes (e.g. ending in L) they expect you to alter yourself automatically by increasing the number by 63 - e.g. 747 to 810. It saves HMRC having to send new codes out for absolutely everyone, when a lot of changes can be made without needing them.
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    Thanks Rozzi for that. I did in the end call them and question it and they told me exactly that!
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