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Is it possible to produce custom P & L reports in Sage 50. My client wants to see totals for each type of sales on his rather than a total sales figure. If you can is it fiddly?

I am going to see him later and as I don't have Sage myself I'd like to go forearmed so I'm not there all evening.


  • coojee
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    You can set up different nominal codes for each type of sale so that when you print the TB it shows the sales for each sales type. If you want a P and L account for each sale type that's more complicated - possible but fiddly. You need to set up a new COA for each sales type that you want to report on and then nominal codes for everything within that, ie you'll need a separate sales code, a purchase code and any related expense codes. THEN you need to remember to post everything to the right code.

    I used to do this for one of my clients a couple of years ago. I don't know whether Sage has moved on since then to enable it to be done in a less fiddly way.
  • Diddy Mau
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    Hello Jilt.

    I agree with Coojee.
    you need to first generate/re-name a different nominal code for each indervidual sale, that shows each indervidual item
    4001 Bricks, 4002 sand etc...
    then make a copy of the COA and alter this to match what they require.
    I do this now, it can be done, but takes a little time ensuring everything is there
  • jilt
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    Thanks guys, already had the nominal codes so he could see the value of each type of sale from the TB. I arrived at my client's at 6pm last night and by the time I'd finished with his queries, amendments and redoing his COA it was 8pm! :ohmy: Ate late again!
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