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Subbie has tried to retrieve CIS statements from contractor to no avail. I ring contractor who says that he doesnt have to provide statement as subbie didnt provide proper typed invoices just a sheet of paper with work completed and address on and says that subbie should keep his own record of deductions and payments (fair enough but proof would surely benefit both sides!). Contractor admits that he took 20% from subbie for tax and says he paid it to HMRC, but still will not provide statement. Any ideas? Should I report the contractor to HMRC?

Did I mention I hate CIS, now I know why the chartered's are so loathe to take on subbies work!


  • peaman
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    Claim the CIS deduction on the subbies Tax Return, then include a note on the SE pages stating that the figure in box 80 (cis deductions suffered) includes x amount from - and include a note of the contractors name & address.

    Done this a number of times, HMRC have always repaid the CIS tax and never had a query.
  • T.C.
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    I also get the subbie to take a copy of the penalties pages from the HMRC website - that helps!

    Oh and I love CIS!
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