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Just wanted a bit of a rant and rave! I have just resat my personal tax exam today and arrrrrrrgh I think i have failed it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does it have to be so hard to remember everything? And to make matters worse this is my last exam of Level 4 !!!! xx


  • Flakie
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    So sorry to hear about your tax exam today. It really is a tricky one; it's the only (so far) Ive had to resit. The worst bit is the over analysing that I expect your putting yourself through. You never know, maybe you'll be ok xxx
  • jane
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    Hey Lyndsey

    Please don't beat yourself up. I did personal tax in February and I came away very disheartend as I thought it went a bit naff. I know I stuffed up the two last questions and I kept changing my answers.
    I eventually thought right this is stupid, I have to stop now then just pressed the finish button. I waited for 6 weeks [as you do] with a sinking feeling, but to my amazement I passed.
    So what I am trying to say to you is you never know, you may well just have passed. Try to stop thinking about it, I know that is easier said than done.
    Good luck, but I bet you have passed :)
  • Melody87
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    Hi, try not to worry, I did PT last week too and ended up changing my answers on a few questions.
    I have thought I had failed so many times doing AAT and passed and the other way round too so I just think you can never be sure, just try to forget about it till the results come. :)
  • Col Snaders
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    I sat my Personal Tax exam 5 weeks ago today and I haven't had my results yet. It's the first exam where I am pretty sure I failed, if I pass it will be a miracle!

    I really can't imagine having to resit it as I found it so hard to learn in the first place.
  • Melody87
    Melody87 Registered Posts: 44 Epic contributor 🐘
    Have you got your results back? I did yesterday and thankfully it was a pass! :)
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