Failed Indirect Tax - When can I resit?

butters Registered Posts: 10 New contributor 🐸

I failed Indirect Tax today, I know exactly what I did wrong which makes it all the more frustrating as it was my last exam!

Anyway as I won't be able to get hold of my AAT tutor for a week I was wondering if anyone knows how soon I can sit the retake?

The other people in my class have their exam later in June, you guys think i'll be able to sit my retake with them or will I have to wait until the summer?

Many thanks in advance


  • Diddy Mau
    Diddy Mau Registered Posts: 238 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    Sorry to hear that butters.

    However, if you know where you went wrong. Then you will pass next time.
    If your trough a college, then you can sit the exam as soon as they have booked the indervidulator. if others are doing a exam you can do yours at the same time, shouldnt nake any difference if its a different exam or not
  • butters
    butters Registered Posts: 10 New contributor 🐸
    That's great to hear, looks like i'll be retaking in 2 weeks - no silly mistakes this time!

    Many thanks
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