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I sat the Financial Performance exam last Wednesday, and have a query.

In section 2.4, what is usually considered the written question, and is mannualy marked, my question was split into 2 sections, 1 numerical, and 1 written section, the written section based on calculations made in the numerical section.

About 2 minutes before the exam was over, I realised I had made a mistake in one part of section 1, which would have thrown out everything that went below it, and, as the written section refered to ratios etc calculated on the basis of the first section, it would have thrown everything out here.

My questions are:

Are both sections in 2.4 manually marked, i.e the numerical part (where you just put the numbers in the box) and the wrriten part.

Would I be penalised for making the mistake more than once, i.e will everything below get scored zero as a result of the one mistake, or do we get error carried forward marks.

Would my written answer be marked with reference to the answers I put in the numerical section,-i.e is section 2.4 marked by one examiner who can see all parts, or is it broken down into smaller sections and given to different markers?

Any help appreciated


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    Hi, that is so frustrating; coming out of an exam, and realising that you have made a mistake, I took FNPF 4 weeks ago, and did exactly the same! (still waiting anxiously for results)
    Any written answers, I guess have to be marked mannually, but stop beating yourself up, and try and put it to the back of your mind. In the FNST exams, I didn't get either of two big reconciliation type questions to balance, yet miraculously I passed! I think that maybe one numerical slip, that throws the total out, is not a complete disaster, if the rest has been calculated correctly.
    Hope we both get good results soon,
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    My judgement is as follows:
    1. 2.4 is probably treated as a single task, and all marked manually
    2. The "own figure rule" applies to exams and effectively means that wrong answers can gain marks. Marks are only lost where the error has taken place, but judgements or subsequent calculations are made using the figures you calculated earlier. The examiner wants to see that you can do the technique that part of the question is testing.
    3. The next time I see the examiner I will confirm this.
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