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financial statements exam is meant to be on friday. I have not been able to devote any time to study for last couple of weeks. should i go for it and know i will fail? im due to do budgeting next month (which im finding much easier at moment)

I cant get the practice exam to work as cant see buttons on top and bottom?

maybe im just having a bad week


  • Jo Clark
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    Is is possible for you to defer/reschedule your exam? If so, this may be something you wish to consider. I personally would not study another module alongside FNST so it may be better to defer if possible, finish BGT and the return the FNST. There are other options which I am sure other students will post about, this is just what I would do in your situation.

    Regarding the practice assessments and not being able to see the buttons, have you tried pressing F11? This works for a lot of students. If this does not resolve the problem for you, you could try a different browser.

    Hope this helps.

    JC :o
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