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Hi Guys, This is my first post here :001_unsure: I broke down in tears a little while ago and just wanted to tell you all that reading your posts has given me hope again...I think I chose the wrong accounting function - credit management and haven't even studied CM yet!!! What was I thinking. Then got lost as to where to put the the mapping parts ie in which part of the contents...I haven't even got to cost/benefit analysis as I broke down at the introduction stage!!! I did manage something for a swot yet think it's too detailed lacking broad categories...does that make sense? Really felt on my own also tutor hasn't contacted me once. Anyway after reading all your posts...sorry I'm not familiar enough with all your names but hopefully you know who you are I am now willing to give it all another look...I have the link http://en-gage.kaplan.co.uk/lms/content/live_content_v2/aat/new_syllabus_structure_2010/generic/l4_comp/icas/learning/icas_guidance/content/aat_icasguidance.pdf and some ideas about word counts and cost/benefit analysis and also some motivation thanks to steve? So I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for posting...I am sitting FNST next week and then just need to finish this project which is the hardest of all for me...Oh I want to ask about the deadline. I'm not sure when is mine. I've been hearing the end of June yet someone in the posts said you can see online. I have checked MyAAT and nothing obvious. Can someone point me in the right direction? xox
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