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Just an update if it interests anyone i passed peaf.

As some of you may know i took the exam today but gave myself 3rd,4th and 5th to study and revise.
It was alot harder than i thought, i will not be doing anything like that any time soon.


just incase others are coming up to peaf. I HATED IT. very subjective. also i spent my time studying the aat regulations i know them all and i found that it wasnt needed. really made me angry.

the exam itself, some questions are very different from anything in greenlight and practice tests. i think it is doable in a few days but i got some luck for sure, i could easily have failed. i just recommend that people answer as many questions from as many different providers/texts as possible. as different textbooks look at theings differently so the same issue can be looked at from som many angles, you need to understand all of them. i think that is the key to peaf.

I know other will disagree but i dont think the aat regulations are important, well not the way i revised them.

just thought id give my opinion regarding peaf

I passed but it was a close call.

Ba2 here i come.


  • MarkT
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    Hi Zaf,

    In a way, the guidelines on Ethics are not a major important part of the exam in itself, but more the understanding in how they are used as a framework as opposed to a rules based structure when applying them.

    Good luck for BA2!!
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