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I am thinking of buying an I Tablet as it looks easy to use etc. But what I was thinking was that it would be with me at all times and I can use it for my studying but does it have excel, word etc. as I could not see this on the description and it then saves loading the laptop which takes ages to get going.

Would really like peoples opinions.

Many Thanks


  • AK002
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    It's the most expensive, but by far the best tablet ever.

    There's various office apps, although not Microsoft Office. I've never used them, however I wouldn't expect full functionality of a laptop.
  • PGM
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    They are the best, I tried the Samsung which is roughly the same price, it is good and android is fairly similar but I'd pick iPad..

    Could be worth looking at the Blackberry, only because its a lot cheaper. It's also smaller and has less app support.
  • mini_schnauzer
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    iPad without a doubt.

    Numbers (excel equivalent) £6.99
    Pages (word equivalent) £6.99
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