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Hello peeps,

I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who had been offered a job they
were very nervous about starting for whatever reason, what they did to combat it and the eventual outcome.
I have been offered an assisstant accountant role 2 units off completeing the AAT but as much as it seems
a fantastic opportunity im scared stiff that it may be too much/too difficult for me. The job itself seems really
interesting and i dont want to pass up on such a good opportuniyt through fear.

Thanks :)


  • Jan
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    I would say that most people starting a job feel nervous, so you are not alone. You're just suffering from last minute jitters.
    The worst experience I had was when I started a job as the only person in the accounts department , there was no one to show me the system and I arrived to find 6 weeks worth of purchase orders/invoices/bank recs etc to be sorted. The programm in use was so slow I could go off and make a cup of coffee whilst it posted the transactions. I lost a stone in weight (which was actually a good thing!) with the worry. I think I have a determined streak and just kept plodding on till one day it didn't bother me any more. It actually gave me more confidence when I changed jobs again as nothing could be as bad as that.
    They have offered you the job becase they believe you can do it and if you have nearly got to the end of doing AAT I'm fairly sure you will have the ability. Think how you would feel in a few months time if you turn the job down? Which feels worse, remaining where you are or making the leap?
    I am always in favour of grabbing opportunity when it comes along, you've done all that work for your exams so far, so use it! :001_smile:

    As ever, good luck with whatever you do and let us know how that first day went!
  • Whirlwind
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    Firstly, many congratulations on getting the job! Secondly, they decided out of all they interviewed that they wanted you! So unless you were overly inventive with your abilities you will be fine, especially as you are almost AAT qualified. Also, it's an assistant role so they will be someone to guide how they want things done.

    I have found that each company has a certain way they do things, so there is a fair amount of room to query things. For example, the partner where I work only likes spreadsheets in arial, credit in brackets, freeze headings, files with summary on front page, ... you get the idea. He isn't too demanding just wants it a certain way.

    All the very best, and enjoy the exciting new challenge!!
  • katsutlieff
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    Congratulations, its a wonderful feeling isn't it

    I know exactly how you feel. I had an interview yesterday and came away really wanting the Job, local company but with a very strong international customer base, they make a very specialised product for the construction industry. So think it will be very interesting.

    I have been called back for next week to meet the team, which without getting my hopes up, I think means i may be offered the job. Suddenly I'm petrified, accounts package I know nothing about and they still run a manual cash book but I know if they didn't have confidence in my abilities I wouldn't have been invited back. It is so far removed from the role I am in at the moment where it is just me running the admin and accounts for a very busy business, this job I will have the benefit of working alongside the FD, which will be great for my ACCA come September.

    Zhulme, they offered you the job because you impressed them and they have confidence you can do the job. Congratulations, well done and enjoy it. Let us know how you get on
  • StuartW
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    I'd echo what everyone here has said, Zhulme - your new employers have confidence in your abilities, so you should too. You did when you applied for the job, right? A lot of people suffer from nerves when they're close to getting something they want, because it means so much (that's why so many footballers miss penalties!).

    Just remember that nobody will expect you to know it all the minute you turn up - you'll have people to show you what's expected and someone you can direct questions to. You've clearly made a good impression so far, so try and relax and trust your capabilities.

    Oh - and congratulations! :001_smile:
  • anniem
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    Wow, well done you!

    Just go for it, you've absolutely nothing to lose ane positively everything to gain. It's a fantastic opportunity and the fact that you're worrying about it shows how good you'll be. You're clearly a very diligent person - if you weren't worrying perhaps you wouldn't be the person they want. Worriers try hard to do their very best ..... and are then still anxious in case they have got it wrong. I should know, I'm one too :lol:

    We all need to be stretched and pushed to the limits of our comfort zone, it's how you'll learn more.

    Good luck :thumbup:

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • villapb
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    Try and not look to far ahead, deal with what is in front of you and take it step by step......otherwise you will panic and always look confident never let your guard only panic if your wages don,t get paid in the bank.
  • JaffasGirl
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    When I was offered my new job, I was very excited. Then terrified. I even posted on here saying did anyone know what expect. I was terrified I was going to mess it up. But just over two months in, I am LOVING it :) its the best job I have ever had, and the company is great. So although I know it's hard to believe it now, just go with the flow, and it will be great. Grab every opportunity to gain experience. And most of all enjoy it :) good luck!
  • zhulme
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    hello everyone, thanks for all your advice.

    I dont actually start now until the 25th i am still very nervous but all your comments have calmed me down a bit. They do seem to be pleased from what they saw from the interview so i must have been better than i thought. I cant wait for the opportunity and shall be having a celebratory drink this weekend i think :)

    Plus i have a week off before i start so i am going to concentrate on getting 1 of the 2 units left completed before the end of the month.

    Thanks everyone! xx
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