Books with least mistakes for level 3?

andrew stew
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I want to self study for the aat and don't want to enroll on an expensive course. I've heard there's loads of mistakes in the Kaplan etc etc kind of books.

I'm just wondering can anyone recommend an overall text book that I could buy that would cover the course as I have access to a university library.

If this isn't possible can someone recommend the books with the least mistakes in them. Thank you!


  • SashaDella
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    I use Frank Wood Business Accounting Vol 1 (for my level 2) but 50% of the content would cover things in level 3 and then there is Business Accounting Vol 2 By Frank Wood for help in your further studies..

    Worth looking if they have it at your library.. its been a brilliant aid for me and covers more than just the units it covers the whole aspect of accountancy!
  • janwal
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    Hi Andrew

    We used BPP wouldn't say they were the best but there were no mistakes

  • MWAUGH1983
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    Kaplan are littered with errors but I fine osborne are great! you can get them cheaper by buying direct.

    The F wood one I would use a reference in terms of referring for better explanations.
  • SarahJS
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    I'm self studying and I've used Osborne books and I've not failed an exam yet. I find the books easy to understand and error free.
  • MarkT
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    As above - would definitely trust the Osborne books as they have only had a minute issue (missing pages from a batch) and the odd error which they always make note regarding on their website
  • guinea pig
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    I've used Osborne tutorial and workbooks, and passed every exam. There have been a few mistakes, but we were the first year taking the new syllabus, and found them! Generally I found some of the practice questions in the tutorial books, tougher than the actual exams, I guess to really stretch your knowledge. The workbooks are good, but the practice assessments in them, are generally the ones on the AAT site. Osborne do have some useful practice quizzes on their website, which anyone can access. I also used the BPP book for the Financial Performance unit, as I found this especially challenging, and it was good to have the extra practice etc. Whatever you buy, make sure that you get the latest editions, especially for tax units, as these change.
    Good luck
  • Whirlwind
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    Before I started with AAT I was reading the Frank Wood book (from the library - had it for months), which was interesting - umm worrying word!! My husband honestly believes all accounts people must be bit boring as I got rather excited with FNST and the consolidation section!!

    I have since used the BPP books , bought from Foyles or Amazon depending on price, and have found them easy to follow with few errors. I have passed all 9 I have taken, 3 online course and 6 self study, so far so good!!
  • SandyHood
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    Osborne tend to be the better "manual" books written specifically for the AAT course, but as you have access to a university library you have the opportunity to read around the subjects and I recommend borrowing books from the library.
    My subject areas at Level 3 include Costs and Revenues, and I suggest you print off the guidance notes from the MyAAT section here and look at Cost And Management Accounting by Colin Drury. This book is in its nth edition and was earlier called "Costing" when it was the recommended text for an AAT exam a very long time ago called Costing and Budgeting. Look at it in the library, if you like it borrow it, but bear in mind that it was written before the standards for Costs and Revenues were drawn up so it is not a perfect match.
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