Sage Error Message - Any advice?

bigmuggsy Registered Posts: 92 ? ? ?

When trying to access a File Maintenance for one of my clients on Sage I get the error message;

"You cannot access File Maintenance because MANAGER is logged in on machine MIKE-PC_2408".

I've searched this on Google and attempted to do what was suggested with no luck. Anyone any ideas on what to do?




  • PGM
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    If someone hasn't logged off properly Sage still thinks they're in.

    You need to log back into Sage using the manager account, hopefully you have the log in details or get them from whoever has. Then log in, it'll warn you it's going to log the Manager off, just click yes to all that. Then log out as normal and it should be ok..
  • bigmuggsy
    bigmuggsy Registered Posts: 92 ? ? ?
    Thank you for getting back so quick.

    What it was I recently attempted to install a company using an updated version, and appears I didn't close down that company properly when it wouldn't open. Just installed the disc again, logged in and it worked.

    Thanks again.

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