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Can anyone please tell me if the FNPT,BUGT & FNST are similar to the sample assessments? Im really struggling especially with fnpt and I have the exams next week, the last 3 exams .... Im going crazy :crying: :/


  • siva
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    Hi Dolce,

    I took my FNPF on wednesday, i would say 70% similar to sample assessments, i needed to calculate depreciation on two questions as they did not give the fixed cost information.

    Some of the questions are not straight forward some with unwanted information. But as long as you manage your time well you will be fine.

    I was very confident before i went for the exam but as i ddin't manage my time properly, i didn't have time to complete section 2 the theory part.

    I wrote too much in the theory question in section 1. I had 1 hour for section 2 when i reached last question i had half an hour i thought it should be enough to write my theory answer, to my shock the question also asked to calculate all the values for given changes in sales, volumes, price etc etc and the original values are given in millions like 1334000000. I was very much confused by these zeros every time i had to count the zeros and calculationg the ratios. last half an hour i struggled.

    So manage your time u will be fine.
  • dolcemg
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    Thank you siva,

    Im really not confident about this one as I have the other 2 in same week and also had to upload the report this week:/.
    I will try to work on my time management at least maybe I manage to get some marks on the theory parts.

    Thanks again.
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