which modude to start with???

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Hi all,

I am about to start the level 4 but really dont know which one to begin with i mean the easiest one lol.

Your thoughts will be appreciate.:001_smile:


  • MWAUGH1983
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    I have been informed the easiest are the 2 tax options if you are ok with them options. Then also the project tends to be a change in terms of the fact its not an exam. However people tend to do them in this order:


  • guinea pig
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    Hi Kaylisha,
    It depends how you are studying? I went to college part time, so I didn't have a choice of when to do each subject, or the optional ones! however I did the ICAS project through last years summer break, and it was good to get it done, without trying to do it alongside the other units.
    Then at college, we did;
    I must admit FNST was tough, then I found the next 3 more manageable, possibly due to the work I do, and then FNPF was very challenging! You will find that Budgeting follows on well from the level 3 Costing unit, and I often referred back to my old books! Also, there are some bits e.g. ratios, that crop up in FNST, CRMG, & FNPF, and you do have quite a bit of crossover, and acquire background knowledge that crops up again and again....
    Good luck,
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Kaylisha

    I completed Financial Statements (FNST) first and followed it with Budgeting (BGT), Financial Performance (FNPF), Personal Tax (PTX) and am currently studying Business Tax (BTX).

    I would recommend studying BGT before FNPF as there is some overlap in material and you may find that you understand FNPF better/easier this way.

    I'm not sure I agree with Martin about the two tax options being the easiest (sorry Martin) however this could be different for other students. I found PTX interesting and fairly straightforward, however I am finding BTX is very interesting (more to learn) and there is new material as well as some that is covered in PTX but I would not say it was easy. If you do decide to do both tax options I advise studying PTX before BTX but this is based on my studies.

    If you work hard you will do fine with all of the modules.

    FNST is challenging and I'm sure you would expect that at the final level of any qualification.

    If you want a nice 'easy' module as you put it, I would recommend BGT.

    I hope the above gives you some ideas and helps with your decision making.

    Let us know what you decide.

    JC :o
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    I found Credit Management and control is the easiest module at level four. I did this and business tax as my optional units and I've just got Financial Performance left to sit in just under two weeks.

  • kaylisha79
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    Many thanks for your comments and advices on how i should choose my modules. these will be really helpful...

    I intend to finish this level within 6 months and really hope that it will be manageable.

    I will let u know the progress of my studies.

    thanks again and good luck to u all:001_smile:
  • kaylisha79
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    By the way, i am studying with Kaplan financial through Distance Learning
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