Icas project case study - advice required please

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Hi folks

I hope you are all fine and getting along with your studies without too many problems.

At the moment, I am doing my project. It is based on a case study and involves writing improvements/recommendations that can be made to the functions of the accounts dept in the case study.

I would therefore be most grateful if some of you helpful folks out there could advice on the following -

1. Ideally, what packages would you recommend for the efficient running of the accounts dept? I have thought of only Sage and Microsoft Office.

2. It seems as though most of the processes within the accounts dept need to be documented, by creating some type of manual, particularly regarding the level of access/responsibility etc of the accounts staff. Could someone suggest how this can be done? Can it be done internally or would it need a professionally qualifieded person to create this manual? How much would it cost to do it?

3. Back up copies need to be kept of each sales/purchase transaction within the dept at a separate location in case of fire/theft. Can someone suggest what type of storage medium could be used for this, together with an indication of costs?

4. If someone pays for goods by card over the phone, it is necessary that the card holder needs to be present. What checks could be made in order to establish this?

5. Finally, the company only has 1 supplier. What is the process/procedure that needs to be followed in order to get more than one supplier to supply goods to the company?

I'm sorry that I seemed to have asked too many questions, but would be most grateful if you could provide any type of help.

Thanks in advance for you responses.


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    Hi Geek

    At the risk of sounding a bit harsh, the ICAS project is meant to be your own unaided work. If someone answered all of your questions they would have addressed most of the main points of the project and completed a huge chunk of the report for you .

    The whole point of the project is that you go away and do research to come up with suggestions to improve the accounts system. If you have already come up with some ideas and you want some feedback that is one thing, but just asking someone for advice as to what the answer is is another matter.

    For example - you ask what accounts packages could be used other than microsoft and Sage. You could try typing "accounts software" in to a search engine and find out from your own research what other options for accounts software are available. Visit a few different sites and get a few different prices to use for comparison.

    Good luck with the project. You're with Premier Training aren't you ? I found the ICAS Tutor really helpful.I'm sure they can provide you with the support you need and extra guidance to find the answers to your questions if you are struggling. As other people have said, at the start of the project it seems like there are lots of things to address, but once you get stuck in to it, things really will start to flow.
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