Salary Journal Entries - Can someone help please

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morning guys, haven't been on here mush recently, been really busy. I wonder if someone could give me a hand please?

I've very recently started back at work, after a long break at home with kids........... am loving it.

I've taken over doing the book keeping for a small company, after the previous lady retired. This is all new to me, as although I worked in accounts before having kids it was management accounts rather than financial. Saying that, studying AAT has helped loads.

We've just finalised our year end and had a meeting with our accountant, who pointed out that our payroll hasn't been entered into sage completely in the previous financial year.

I've just got back to the office and looked at what has been done previously. I can see what the accountant means but wanted to check with you guys that what I'm proposing doing to complete our records is correct, so that when I run my first payroll at the end of the month it's correct.....

I've attached an XLS (chich I've had to save as a DOC, as AAT won't allow an XLS upload from my PC?!), as it makes it easier to look at. Any help / thoughts would be much appreciated. Having a dig around sage I couldn't find the nom code for wages control, probably right in front of me - you know how it is when you're looking for something and just can't see it........... or does that just happen to me ;)

Hope I've not made myself look like a total idiot :)

Thanks, Nia

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    I enter the journals onto Sage for salaries as follows (I am using Sage 100 - not 50 there were no preset Nominal codes) just as below: -

    Dr Gross Salaries
    Dr Employers NI
    Cr PAYE / NI Control
    Cr Net Salaries Control

    As the Net Wages are paid then Dr Net Sals. Cr Bank same for the PAYE - I am not using a Wages Control A/c, I will check the balance on the PAYE/NI Account is showing the correct liability at Month End, maybe you also do not need to use one to reduce the number of entries ?

    This may or may not help.
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