Looking for level 2-3 students for work experience

Finance Solutions
Finance Solutions Registered Posts: 6 New contributor ?
North London (N4) based Accounting office looking for Level 2-3 students for office experience.
Flexible days and time. Candidates will improve

* Excel skills
* Sole trade accounts preparations
* VAT accounts
* Payrolls
* Limited company accounts preparations

If you are interested send your CV to [email protected]

Good luck



  • GemmaS
    GemmaS Registered Posts: 178 ? ? ?
    Sounds fantastic! if only I was in the North London area :(
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    My thoughts entirely Gemma nothing like that ever comes up in Yorkshire:sad:
  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    Hi Finance solutions- My suggestion is that you re-locate your business to the midlands namely Wolverhampton,hehe.
    We work hard up here for less money than in London.
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