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Tonicha Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸

Could somebody give me some tips on the PI 1.4 please.

1.4 Explain how the accounting system are affected by the organisational structure, system, procedures, and business transactions.



  • Simmyluvsu
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    Hi Tonica

    Answering the following questions should cover this part:

    What problems / benefits are caused by the organisation structure e.g. location, reporting structure, lack of key staff, lack of resources
    What systems does the accounting function need to work to e.g. manuals, deadlines, procedures
    How does this affect your tasks e.g. extra time needed for authorisation signatures, approval needed
    How do the business transactions affect the tasks, e.g. cash flow affecting payment times, payroll in cash

    Hope this helps!
  • Tonicha
    Tonicha Registered Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
    Thank you for your help Simmyluvsu!
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