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Neela xsx
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got my PTX exam next week, thought i would find this pretty straightforward but apparently not! just cannot get anything to stick! the numbers are all fine just the whole multiple choice side of things is my downside.

My main concern is the written question. Any tips on what kind of questions may come up would be handy as i simply do not know where to start!

Thanks in advance any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Neela

    Have you looked at the sample assessment on the AAT website?

    From memory reading other posts the written qustions can cover any area but areas that have been mentioned are penalties and payments on account.

    It is wise not to question spot as you may receive a completely random written question.

    Good luck with your exam.

    JC :o
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  • lisalofty
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    Hi neela,

    I'm with Jo do the practice assessments on line to familiarise yourself with the set up etc. green light is also very good.

    My written element was about payments on accounts, take a deep breath and don't panic i'm sure you'll be fine.

    Good luck

  • guinea pig
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    Hi Neela,
    There are also practice quizzes on the Osborne Books website, and I think, in "my AAT" they give some guidance on the written questions. From memory my main written question was about dates/penalties/payments on account, and a couple of other questions had a small written element. Take care with the multiple choice, as I found some questions were worded awkwardly/ambigously, so stay calm and read carefully.
    Good luck,
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