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Can I ask roughly how many lessons or how long study period people have had before entering there exams??

We have had approx 4 lessons (3 1/2 hrs each) A total of 14hrs taught!!! on each and have our budgeting exam this thursday 14th june and FNP on the 28th june

Am doing my best but don't feel ready any tips you guys :001_smile:

I understand we have to work at home but with only 14hrs not sure what we should be covering green light has been pretty good but can't find any old paper based exams to work through.

Thanks lofty


  • Jo Clark
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    I had 3 lessons for budgeting and 4 for financial performance - probably about 5/6 hours each.

    I put a lot of work in outside of college both after work and at weekends and passed both these exams first time.

    My tips would be to work through all the material you have again, complete green light again, undertake the practice assessment and focus on any areas where you feel you have a weakness.

    Good luck with both exams.

    JC :o
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    Hi Lofty,
    I missed all the Budgeting classes, as I was ill, so had to completely self-study, and then only had about 6 x half days for FNPF. I did put in a lot of hours at weekends, and in the evenings, but by then I had got into a routine; work through the tutorial book, making notes, complete the questions at the end of each chapter, practice greenlight, also Osborne quizzes, and when I had covered the syllabus, do the AAT practice assesments, and any more practice I could find. It is tough, but its really worth it, and any queries, ask on the forum. Just think in 16 days time they could be done. However, if you really don't feel ready for FNPF, could you delay it? an extra week or so may help?
    Good luck,
  • lisalofty
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    Thanks guys,

    I have put lots of extra work in so am hoping it shows :001_smile:

    Last study day before budgeting exam tommorrow so fingers crossed.

    It's quite sad to think after 3 years studying will all be done after the 28th June and only 1 resit the dreaded FNST.

    But was my own fault I think instant panic and I shouldn't off, felt much better doing it calm 2nd time but still awaiting results for that .

    Thank lisa:001_smile:
  • apreech
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    Hi Lisa,

    Can I ask which books you have?

    We only had a few lessons on budgeting, I spent a few days before the exam reading and completing all practice assessments in the Question Bank provided by BPP also completing both practice ones on the AAT website.

    My exam was very similar, almost identical to the practice ones on the AAT website, also try Green Light I found that very useful for Budgeting.

    Good luck :-)
  • lisalofty
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    Thanks everyone,

    I did my Budgeting exam yesterday and wasn't so bad so fingers crossed x


    I'm studying with Kaplan books but this year has been so full on with not been to well there just hasn't been time to read through all my books which I've always managed to do before.

    I've just got my Financial Performance exam then finished yipee but a little sad have enjoyed the last 3 years.

    Still waiting results for;

    Budgeting of course

    Financial Statements - resit own fault for panicking

    Good luck everyone awaiting results xxxxxxx
  • apreech
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    I have my fingers crossed for you :-)
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