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Hi all,

Assuming I have passed Speadsheets I have one more module to go before I finish level 3. I want to start straight away and was talking to my boss about the options. I have done level 3 via distance learning and this has worked well for me, but I'm not sure if I need to go down the day release route for level 4 as I have heard level 4 is a big step up. I'm unsure of which route to take so any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!


  • Becky V
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    Hi Amy,

    I started level 4 studying at home with kaplan. I passed personal tax, business tax and ICAS with them but failed financial statements twice, so decided to go back to college one day a week. Have now passed financial statments and budgeting and now awaiting financial performance. I think it all depends on how well you study and what works for you. I did find studying at home on my home hard really had to motivate myself and could only study on an evening when kids in bed Good luck with what you decide :)
  • SarahJS
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    If your employer is offering to send you to college I would jump at the chance! It's a completely different experience and gives you more structure to your learning, you can always study yourself in your own time too!
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    Hi Amy,
    I agree with Sarah, I had a half day each week during term time in college, and also had to study at weekends and in evenings. The tutors were very supportive, and it was good being part of a group. You may find though that courses start don't start until September. I finished level 3 last May, and studied ICAS through the summer, completing my project in August. Look at all the options. I definately found level 4 more challenging!
    Good luck,
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    I would recommend college if the option is there.

    I found it a massive step up from level 3 to 4, especially Financial Statements and Financial Performance, and i found it very beneficial to sit with fellow students around a table and work through difficult questions together.
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