Supplier Statements and Sage Help needed :)

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Hi all!

I'm new to accounts and have been struggling to agree supplier statements to my creditor balances on sage what am I doing wrong?

My client does not always send me their invoices so I have been told to put the missing ones onto sage with an M and chase them up...

I print a creditors list and tick against the suppliers statement but this does not always agree.

I have been told to print off a Supplier activity and then check this against the statement, I'm pulling my hair out because I still can't get the statement to agree to the sage balance.

I work in a very busy accounts pratice and I have now got to the point where I am now afraid to ask for help any advise would be grateful


  • Richard
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    I tend to find differences occur for the following reasons:

    1. Missing invoices
    2. Timing differences - ie you have made a payment which has not been received prior to the statement being issued, or you have posted invoices that were received after the statement has been raised.
    3. Misposted invoices - has an invoice been posted to an incorrect purchase ledger account?
    4. Credit note posted as an invoice

    Personally, as long as you can see that all of the individual invoices on the statement appear on Sage, I wouldn't worry if the statement balance doesn't agree exactly with Sage - the most likely cause is the timing differences I mentioned above.

    Hope this helps!
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