When best to check for your results?

Focus888 Registered Posts: 46 Regular contributor ⭐
I think I am like alot of people on here who when waiting for results we just constantly log in and out of AAT to find out if our exams results have been updated, but does anyone know if they are normally up by a certain time? most of the time ive seen the results are after 2pm ish. Can anyone confirm if its not on by a certain time then its not worth checking again until another day please?


  • BeccaLouJ9
    BeccaLouJ9 Registered Posts: 896 Epic contributor 🐘
    No, there isn't a certain time, I asked!! They can be anywhere between 9am and 5pm.

    It is rubbish, I know, but can't be helped! :)

    B x
  • Becky V
    Becky V Registered Posts: 374 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    It really can be any part of the day, i have even had them on a evening about 7ish, just got to keep checking i am waiting for FNPF! Good luck
  • guinea pig
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    For one exam, I checked in the evening, no results, then before 6.00 the next morning, they were there! so maybe they upload overnight sometimes?
    Most of mine have appeared late mornings.....
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