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Having just looked at a paye statement from HMRC for a client, I logged in using my agent codes to see if I could see more details on their PAYE account.
It seems I can't view their account details, merely just a 'top end' summary and maintain it, yet I thought this feature was supposed to be coming into effect.

Speaking to another colleague accountant, they logged in to one of their client company's, using the clients codes, and were able to see an option "View Account" on the left - whereas by logging in as an agent, I cannot see this option. Using this option, they can view every payment that HMRC has received from the client!

Would be handy to see this as the agent I would have thought!

Is this the same for others too, acting as agents?


  • anniem
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    How ridiculous. You would have thought that we need to be able to see the information as much as the client. HMRC logic strikes again :tongue_smilie:
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    We received an underpayment notice for one of our clients, however we actually make their PAYE payments directly from our client account, so I knew straight away they hadn't underpaid, just one of the payments must not have been allocated correctly. When I rang up to check which payments they had received, I got the automated message saying they don't give out lists of payments over the phone now as they are now available to check online. I had the same situation in that it wouldn't work for me logging in as the agent! When I finally got through to a human being on the phone (after numerous rounds of press 1 for this and 2 for that!!) they said that currently only clients themselves can view these details, but agents will be able to eventually when they finish upgrading their system!!! The person I spoke to was very helpful though, and we discovered which payment hadn't been allocated correctly.
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