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I am currently studying aat level 3 diploma and didn't do level 2 as I did a level 2 in IAB. So I have missed Sage and I have never worked in accountancy before so have never worked with an accounting package. Could anybody tell me the quickest and cheapest method in getting some knwoledge regarding Sage without having to purchase the whole package. I just think if I had a bit of an insight into Sage I may have a better and easier understanding of what I am doing.

Thanks in advance


  • Jo Clark
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    You could trying visiting the Sage website to see if you can obtain a 30 day free trial.

    Another option would be to look at your local adult education centre to see if they provide computerised accounting courses using Sage or even a Sage course.

    Good luck and I hope you find something suitable.

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    do a basic Sage course it will give you the fundamentals of inputting etc, or look for a cheap copy of Sage software and the level 2 computerised accounts tutorial book and you can work through it yourself. I had osbourne books and it was fairly clear and straight forward. the struggle is finding the software at a decent price just to practice on.
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