Doing Level 4 without a training provider

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hi all,

i ve been studying level 3 through Distance learning with Kapan Financial which i had a bad experience( once they lost my work an i had to resit for an assignement in 2011, and in November they coulnt open my file for the CBA in spreadsheet. and guess what, they never tried to contact me for this matter. when i tried to ring them noone was able to explain to me what was going on until end of Frebuary 2012 where they decided that i had to resit for this test because they coulnt open the file.
Too many bad things to say about kaplan anyway...

Now that i finally got my Level 3 diploma, will it be possible to do level 4 without a training provider and just sit for the exams???:001_unsure:


  • amyjayne27
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    Hi kaylisha,

    Why not try another learning provider? I am with Premier Training and they have been fantastic. You may be fine doing it on your own I have just heard level 4 is quite a big jump from level 3 so for me I definately need that extra support.

    Good luck with what you decide!
  • adiba
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    Hi Kaylisha

    I completed my Level 2 and 3 at a local college, however, when it came round to doing my Level 4, due to an increase in college fees and work/home commitments, I decided to go it alone. I bought the textbooks and sat the exams at my nearest Kaplan centre when I was ready. You will still need a training provided for your ICAS project but I definitely say it's possible. As long as you're organised and motivated, then I'm sure you'll be fine!
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    Hi Kaylisha,
    I have done all levels through college, part time. This year (Level 4) the teaching has been awful, and we have basically self taught ourselves due to lack of knowledge, bad teaching and lack of experience of the the teachers. It did help that 2 or 3 of us met every now and again for revision sessions. We are now doing Business Tax without any input from college, so only time will tell whether it can be done, by us, but I am positive that we can.
    College did give me the discipline to put time aside every week throughout the year, which is good, but otherwise I think it has been a waste of my time and money.
  • kaylisha79
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    @Amyjayne- i thaught about it and Premier training was my first choice if i decided to go with an other training provider. i rode great comments about it over this forum, but to be honest with u im sure i could manage stuying on my own. i am not working at the moment so i ve got plenty of times to wash my brain.

    @Adiba- i am so pleased to have read ur comment, now i know this is possible. but when u sit for ur exams, what do u write on space where they ask to put a training provider code??

    @Sailorgirl- i understand you....but i m sure you'll be ok with businex tax, this is the last level!!! you've done well so far.

    Thanks all for ur replies and good luck on your studies
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