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i am a self sudy student and only pay to sit for an exam at a AAT centre. By calling 2 differentes AAT approved centre i could not believe how much difference there were between those 2.

to sit for the bugeting exam here the price they give me: Kaplan Financial (angel) 53 + 50 (external student) = 105 pounds

BPP 38 pounds and this price is for all students

i couldnt believe my ears lol...


  • SarahJS
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    When I've sat exams at a Kaplan centre (not London) I was charged the 38 pound exam fee and then 15 pound external student fee, so 53 overall.

    Is there any possibility you misheard?

    That seems a crazy price hike!
  • kaylisha79
    kaylisha79 Registered Posts: 24 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Hiya Sarah,

    They made it clear by sending me an email because i was ready to go ahead with those cost that external student has to pay a fee of 50 pounds on top of the 53 pounds for the exam fee. thats why i went out and checked some others AAT approved centre and finally found a reasonable price of 38 pound.
    Thx God.
  • uknitty
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    I've sat all my exams with Kaplan and only ever paid a £15 admin fee as an independent student (making the total £53)
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