ICAS Project - EAS 1.5

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I have almost finished the ICAS Project but I'm at a loss as to what would satisfy the requirements of Evaluating Accounting System 1.5 "Review methods of operating regularly in respect of their cost-effectiveness, reliability and speed". Please could someone give me a hint of what is covered under this area.:confused1:


  • Simmyluvsu
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    Hi Stockport

    This mapping criteria is almost like "it's exactly what it says on the tin".

    Are the accounting tasks carried out efficiently? Are they reliable? Are they done in a timely fashion?

    You'll probably find that the answers to these questions are in your analysis section already :)
  • stockport
    stockport Registered Posts: 15 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    Many thanks Simmyluvsu,

    To be honest I mapped this towards the CBA, as I just wanted to get project handed in so I could concentrate on FNST exam. If I have to add a little bit more, I'll worry about that later. I want this Thursday to be over ASAP and get exam out of the way! I'm really struggling with Financial Statements revision.
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