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Hi All

Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what things will be asked in your final interview for the ICAS Project?

I have mine this week and am freaking out.


  • CovTeej
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    Hi Loz

    Am not sure what you mean by interviews? We did not have any interviews for our project, we just submitted it online, had it failed, then resubmitted with amendments and it was eventually passed, although we are still awaiting 'official' confirmation of this nearly 4 months after the original closing date. But it feels great when it is all over!
  • rebecca2
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    Hi Loz

    I had a final interview with Premier Training. The lady who rang me basically just had a general chat with me! I'm not sure if anybody else had such an informal final interview? She didn't ask any tricky questions, they were just general and I gave general answers for example, 'I struggled firstly to understand what had to be written and how but once I got going it just naturally flowed and I enjoyed writing the report' etc.

    For me it was nothing to worry about, but as I said not sure of anybody elses experiences! I'm sure you will be absolutely fine!
  • Simmyluvsu
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    Hi Loz

    The final interview is mainly for the assessor to ask you some questions which cover any little bits that haven't been fully covered in your project. For example in my interview I'd touched on the fact that a piece of software could be used to improve the accounting system, and my assessor asked what sort of help was available for users - so I answered that they had a help section in the software and a user helpline.

    Try not to worry, if you're up to interview stage that means that you're nearly done!

    Good luck :)
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