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Could somebody tell me what this part1 and part 2 exams in crmc. i am so confused.

i started studying this last week and want to take my exams next month, there is only 4 lessons in the kaplan book.

So dont understand what is the part 2 is about.

is it advisable to take both exams on sameday or one in each day.

thanks in advance for your help.


  • nonmugglesue
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    Part 1 is multiple choice to do with Law
    Part 2 is 2 different scenarios, one is working out ratios and seeing if you would grant credit to 2 different companies and the other is a list of about 15 companies that owe you money and you have to work out what you would do according to your T&Cs

    I would take the exams on the same day as they total 3 hours.
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    I'd also like to add that Part 1 is computer based so you get the results straight away whereas Part 2 is written and has to be marked by a verifier so will take longer for the results.
  • siva
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    i enquired about this with the tutor at kaplan, she just came back to me today saying the exams are 2 hours each.
    when did you take this exam.

    I am doing distance learning with kaplan and the exams have to be booked seperately, means one exam at 10 am and next one at 2pm, so if the part 1 is 1 hour i have to wait 3 hours for next exam.

    It would be nice to just go sit and do ti as a three hour exam.

    has anyone else done exam with kaplan. please advise.
  • NicF
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    Hi, I've done my exams with Kaplan distance learning. There are two exams and you have two hours for each. Part one is a CBT and will probably take you no more than an hour to do. Part two is a project sone through Learn Plus and involves quite a bit of writing, although you could probably complete in less time than you are given.

    It will probably depend on which centre you sit your exams at and what the invigilator is like, but where I sit my exams if you are doing two in a day and want to do the second exam immediately after the first the invigilator is happy for you to do it. I think she has to reschedule the exam but she can do that through her laptop in the exam room. She can't reschedule the projects for distance learning students though so if you want to do them at them same time you would need to book part two for the morning and part one for the afternoon.
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