exemptions in aat with previous qualifications/experience?

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hi everyone,

i'm new to this forum and i'm looking into studying for aat. i almost hold a degree in economics from abroad (in that I emigrated before I finished my dissertation). do you know if this previous qualification/experience would exempt me from any provisional levels/modules of aat? also which level should i start on the aat? my degree did include various modules of accounting, but not directly related to the UK system.

thanks in advance for your replies



  • MWAUGH1983
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    Hi guanguanco,

    In terms of what level to start it much depends on your prior knowledge like credits and debits. There is a skills test at the following link that you can use to get an idea at what level might suit:

    Level 2 is pretty basic so you may be better off going straight to level 2.

    Anything else then please PM.

  • SashaDella
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    I doubt you'll have any exemptions, but if you have good background knowledge of accountancy you can do level 3 and 4. However it would be best to gain some work experience aswell if you choose to skip level 2. You can complete level 2 within a few months so it really depends on your situation

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