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Hi ive just passed BA2 :), and looking to booked my indirect tax exam for the 11th july.
However i am a bit confused, first of all i didnt realise you get alot fo refference material in the exam.

My question is surely if we get refference material all i need to Learn/Revise is completing the Vat return, and make sure i can complete the simple calculation, because all other info relating to questions is in refference material?

Am i right with this or totally wrong?



  • janwal
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    Hi Zaf

    You certainly need to know how to fill in the VAT return as this is the largest part of the exam. The other things are there to help you but I found it was a lot easier if you vaguely knew the answers and used the material as a backup or otherwise you actually don't know where to look for the answer.

    I must admit I found it one of the easier exams to do and the shortest learning. Most of our group only took about 30mins to complete exam.

    Good luck

  • NicF
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    The Indirect tax exam is supposed to be as much about testing your ability to look up the appripriate information and apply it correctly as it is about checking that you have memorised everything. That said I did the same as Jan and completed the exam using my knowledge first and then checked the answers against the information provided. You do need to be familiar with the material you are provided with before you go in to the exam or you would spend the entire time trying to find what you are looking for as it is a lot of informaiton. I studied this module distance learning and my book continually told me to go and so where the information was in the additional material, which was good advice.
  • LPalmer
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    Hi Zaf,

    I took this exam about a month ago and when our tutor was preparing us we were told that most people actually lose out on marks on the 1st section which is more knowing about how the tax is applied. The best bit of advice I can give you is to make sure you know where to look in the referance material to find the answer (unless you know it anyway).

    Also the practice assessments found on the AAT website are very similar in format to the actual exam so these are a good way of revising :001_smile:
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