Do I find out what result I got?

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I passed my BA1 yesterday, and wanted to know what percentage I got, is there anyway I can find this out? Will i ever know?



  • Diddy Mau
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    Hi Sasha

    Fisrt of all, congrats:thumbup1:
    You can get feedback from your training provider. Its basic and but does not show percentage.
  • welshwizard
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    Your provider can give you a copy of your Assessment Feedback which comments on each task in the assessment. The feedback itself falls into one of four types: Exceeded expectations; Met expectations; Borderline or Did not meet expectations.

    As for percentages if you achieved a competent assessment decision, you will have scored 70% or more in Sections 1 and 2. This is the nearest you will get to knowing how well you did at the moment. I do know that the AAT is working hard to give more meaningful feedback but it is taking some time to roll out. The system is the same for all Computer Based Tests (CBT). Computer Based Projects (CBP) are assessed differently and you should be able to get far more meaningful and useful feedback from your provider. Currently WEAF, CMPA, SPSW, ICAS Credit Management pt2 are assessed by CBP but from September it will be just CMPA, SPSW and ICAS (i.e. one at each level) that are assessed by CBP.

    However, you should be pleased that you've now started on the road to your chosen career - congratulations!

    Good luck in your future assessments.

    Welshwizard :thumbup1:
  • GemmaS
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    Congrats on passing your first exam! It's a good feeling isn't it?! Well done :laugh:
  • SashaDella
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    Its given me a lot of confidence for the next exams!! and I shall see what my learning provider can tell me

    thanks :D
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