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I have a couple of subbie clients who have started using texts to update me on info etc. Im a little uncomfortable with it, but must say it does seem alot quicker than sending letters and perhaps they feel more comfortable dealing by text than by phone. I just wondered what everyone else thinks about this?


  • groundy
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    I have a few clients that forward wages hours by text and ask for the net pays to be returned by text. It is quicker but I don't let too many clients have my mobile number.
  • jamesm96
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    We use an online service for sending texts to clients but I must admit, we don't ever really receive texts.

    I don't see the problem though; if it were me I'd want to include something in the engagement letter so stipulate that mobile messages may be used as a form of communication, and maybe have an official form / record of the number that the client has specifically authorised you to send message to (and receive from).
  • JodieR
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    I text clients on a regular basis - just have to remember to leave the x off the end!!
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