How to claim employee's costs incurred at home for work

Hayley Hong
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Please advice.

In the last few days, two people has asked me the same question, they are employees for their orgnisation (one works for a goverment body as a social worker and the other works for a private company),they have received p60s, half of their working time were at their own home and at clients, so expenses like petrol, stationary, use home as office etc incur.

They are not self employeed.

How to claim these costs please? I am thinking to obtain a tax return from HMRC for them (if they issue one), them just complete the employment page, am I right?

Thanks in advance


  • Jo Clark
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    Just a thought - should they claim these expenses from their employer or do they receive (or should they receive) an allowance as a home worker?
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  • Hayley Hong
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    They should, but I don't think they have, that is why they ask me? my thoughts are, more people now work at home even they are employees, maybe this is the case?
  • coojee
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    I'm a home worker and I claim a flat rate allowance of £3 per week which gets added on to my tax code. You do have to be required to work from home though and not just working from home by choice. If the employer has already provided somewhere for you to work and you choose not to take them up on that then it makes sense that you can't claim anything against tax.
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