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Has anyobody else on here done ICAS with BPP?

I'm just working my way though it and i'm finding it a total nightmare. The sample report provided in the text book is a million miles away from what the course notes tell you to do so i'm really struggling with understanding what to write.

I've passed every exam at AAT and to be honest have found it quite easy but i feel like i've hit a brick wall with this one!

Does anybody know if the Kaplan or Osbourne books are any better?


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    I am going to be doing my ICAS with BPP.

    Have you spoken to your assigned tutor about this?

    Are you doing your ICAS based on your work or on a case study?

    Hope things get better for you soon.

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  • satherton87
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    To be honest i've left it all to the last minute and i've been working on it non stop for the last 4 days so i've not spoken to my tutor yet. I've mentioed it on e-mails i've sent her so i'll be interested to see what she comes back with.

    Everyone else i've spoken to in my classes though seemed to have a lot of trouble as well. I almost get the impression that because it's a new unit that it's very rough at the moment. I think as a minimum, there should at least be an example project that matches up with the course notes.

    Oh and i'm doing it on my work but i suspect it would've been a lot easier using a case study now because they have obvious problems that will meet the criteria.
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