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Hi there
I started studying for AAT as a distance learning student with Kaplan. By the end of level 3 the service I was receiving from the distance learning department was appalling with lost projects and never replying to e-mails.
For level 4 I've self studied but now I need a training provider for my ICAS project. I just wondered whether anyone had any recommendations. I can see that Kaplan and BPP both offer this as a standalone.
Kaplan are cheaper but if their service hasn't improved I'd rather pay more and make sure I can complete without extra hassles! Is there any other provide who offers this as a stand alone?

I'd be really grateful to hear anyone's experiences.


  • The Magician
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    Hi there,

    I'm in the exact same boat as you.

    What really upset me about these distance learning providers is that they are "unable to comment on material that is not their own"

    The services they provide are patchy to say the least!

    Probably best to also try Eagle and Premier?

    I was quoted £210.00 for the unit.
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    I did my whole AAT Qualification Distance Learning with Premier Training and can honestly say they were excellent the whole way through. When I was doing it I constantly saw people on here who were having problems with their Project and their providers taking ages to mark them and come back to them and this was stopping them from qualifying. Premier always marked and returned my work within an excellent period of time so would recommend them. I have said this many times on here and think I may approach them now for Commission!:lol:
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    Ive just come off the phone from Eagle - they dont do single units - so cant just do ICAS with them :( very sad - she sounded like a lovely lady.
    Magician - who quoted £210?
  • The Magician
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    I was quoted £210.00 by Kaplan. I just went to their distance learning section and you can compare and contrast prices for units.

    The galling thing is prior to my last exam they were charging £180.00!

    I'm concerned that there might be "issues" if you change learning provider while you have not completed the whole unit level 4 qualification in its entirety.

    This is a really pertinent issue for me now and I would really appreciate other people's comments.
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