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Does anyone know how long it would normally take for someone to get their UTR number when registering as self employed. I know a CIS subbie who has called HMRC to register for self employment and CIS. He was told would take to the end of August until UTR number is issued, in the meantime will need to be deducted 30% CIS tax. Is this timeframe about normal? I was under the impression about a month, but dont know if that was over optimistic. Thanks.


  • T.C.
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    I had a client who recently registered and his took just 4 weeks, so keep your fingers crossed - it could be quicker than they say.
  • RAS
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    Thanks for that, as you say may not be as bad as they say.
  • leonag
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    I've had a couple of clients register self employed lately, and their numbers only took 3 or 4 weeks to arrive.
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